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Customised solutions to meet time-sensitive deadlines on demand within the client’s budget

HumanTranscript has consideration for the fact that motivated individuals don’t always have the time or staff to dedicate to each and every job that needs to be done, especially when it comes to jobs that require care, rapid completion, and a great deal of focus

You can rest assured that we fully acknowledge transcription can be a demanding field, and we give it the attentiveness and consideration it deserves so your recordings, whether audio or visual, can exist in identical form in the medium of text.

We transcribe audio recordings and videos into scripts, narrative documents, or closed captions swiftly, accurately, and with diligence to detail.

Our transcriptions are customized and varied

Whether you require a detailed narrative of a video or a straightforward script of an audio-recorded conversation, we work within a variety of fields and categories.

We value precision

We commit to deadlines

We understand that certain video and audio recordings must be transcribed in a time-sensitive manner, and we fully commit to delivering final products within your specified time-frame.

We keep ourselves available

We are always open to last-minute transcription requests, and make allowances for even the tightest budgets and deadlines.

We understand your material is unique

We appreciate your audio and/or video recording and your desire to have it transcribed the way you want, and we are open to your requests (such as phonetically writing out particular accents or adding sound effect descriptions).

We cherish presentation

We produce transcriptions that are well-formatted, easy to read and in line with our clients’ set guidelines and expectations.

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